Thursday, May 23, 2013

Old clothes refashion

My 2 sons are skinny type, so quite often those pants that for 1-2 years old, they can still wear but just short,  Instead of give away, i just refashion to become quarter pants :)



These are from our old t-shirts to rugged singlets




Daddy old t-shirts.....


The boy happily waiting...

dang dang!!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A full moon present

These are what I made for my niece's daughter full moon. Hope she likes it :)

AN elastic baby headband + 2 knitted fabric hats

The outdated handmade bedsheet

I bought this angry birds fabric while it was still a hot chocolate, but I only managed to finish the bed sheet while my sons already forgot what angry bird was.....Anyway, I did it!!!!

Single bed fitted sheet + pillow case + bolster case x 2 sets

Mama: Boys, see what I made for you?
Son: Oh, why angry bird? Why not Avenger....
Mama: ....#$^@....#$%$....#%*...(Someone tell me where to get avenger pls....)

the making.....