Friday, October 21, 2011

X-mas card to Haiti

I cannot remember when was my last time to play with card making. I used to hang around with paper when I was small, mainly because I got no access to fabric or other DIY materials those day. Since after the invention of e-cards, I think I've never send out any physical card by then.

This time, to participate the activity of  手作族,to do handmade cards to those kids in Haiti, to give them a special and cheerful x-mas, I back to play around with paper and made some little cards. I'm not a drawing expert, like other sisters who can draw so nice even on the fabric, cut and paste is my only choice. Hope that can bring some smile to the kids ^.^

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The magic of heat transfer paper

Another 2 months gone. There are many things happened these 2 months. I got so much to write but too little capability to do so....The busy financial year end period has gone, festive season is ending as to stay focus, focus and focus.

A month or 2 ago, I did a bag and transfer a picture of my son into the bag by using heat transfer paper. The result was just great. My son took it to the shopping mall and suprisingly many people look at the bag and some even came close to look into details...haha, pai sei pai sei...But my son found it so fun.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Vintage ring series

I'm in love with vintage rings recently which made by buttons that I hunt over years from everywhere. It is one of the hot selling items over my bazaar. Bit upset that didn't have chance to shoot a photo for previous made rings. I've just completed a full tray of rings recently for the coming bazaar......phew....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Handmade by t-shirt fabrics

I had a long weekend last week. Besides the crafty art market 3 on Saturday, I was also busy with my research on t-shirt fabrics. Finally managed to complete something from my t-shirt fabrics.There are really alot of different t-shirt fabric types. Different stretches and different curl level. Lac is still learning on them...

mini tote

still thinking if to turn to a hair tie or a brooch cum hair pin or a decor for the skirt below.

a skirt.
I dont have a daughter but skirt is just easier to do compare to pants.

a simple princess hair-tie

1st batch scarfs

It has been a long waiting post. Recently just no time to come and florish my handmade blog, sorry to all friends and fans...thanks for waiting.

Lately, i collected a lot of t-shrt fabrics, and I keep thinking what I can do with them. Here come the 1st batch of handmade - the scarf......some Malay friends get them as tudong. So now I already know how long and how big the size so that it can be used as tudong...hahahaha....

Special thanks to my mom who act as my model for these series of scarfs.
Most of them already found their lovely onwers. All the best to them ^.^

Monday, February 21, 2011

Crafty art market 19th Feb 2011 @ Jaya One

Last week Crafty Art Market was just awesome. The weather was great and the crowd was great too....
It was a tired day but I'm so greatful to meet alot of my online friends. Also, I bump into my roomate which we have lost contact for more than 10 years. How sweet when you suddently meet your old friends... :)

I think this time I have to introduce my 2 lovely assistances which always help/support me during my fair. The elder one is my father. He plays a very important role as he is the one doing all the fabric/felt cutting and rolling, accessories/parts counting and packaging. So you will see most of my items nicely packed during to fair :P (Please forgive if some of the packaging or fabric cutting didn't turn out to be great. After all, my father is not young and again he is a guy, so may not be as detail as female. However, he loves to do that. Kinda keeping him busy so that he wont feel boring after retired.) Oh ya, I forgot to mention, I used to give a paper bag when people buy small items from me. You will see there are pictures on the paper bag. This is the art piece from my father.....Everyday, he will cut out the cute pictures from newspaper or magazine and paste on the blank brown paper bag. He said the paper bag need to have some touching...So friends, please keep the bag as a souvenir >.<

The other guy is my husband. A person that still trying hard to distinguish cotton and linen fabric (sometime I cant differentiate every piece too :P ). He is not an art person, he always cannot understand why people like us want to spend time to do all the handmade while we can just go out and buy. Well...well....I just lazy to explain nowadays. Just like what Chinese always says: playing piano infront of a cow. The cow can never appreciate. Anyway, I'm soooo  greatful that I have these 2 assistances that always supporting me. I feel so lovely...and I just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU AND THANK YOU .....

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New items for Feb 2011

Have been working hard to prepare some new items for the coming Crafty Art Market @ 19th Feb 2011. Mostly the rosy rose series as well as button accessories. Hope that you can find your match!

 Ponytail hairbands

  Rings collections

Rosy rose hair clips

 Rosy rose rings

 5 petal flower rings

Again some rosy rose (big) hair clips

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

KLPac open day @ 23 Jan 2011

This is the 1st time Love and Craft join as a vendor at KLPac which held at a great park at Sentul. We never aware that there is such a great park lie quietly in town. It was a wonderful day as there were various live performance accompanied us throughout the whole day. TQ everyone who came and support us. Hopefully more and more people will start to appreciate the handmade items which done by many crafters with tons of love and cares.