Monday, November 25, 2013

Recycle CDs to lace/ribbon holder

I do have many CDs and also various lace/ribbons. I always find it hard to organise and display the lace/ribbons especially while I'm on the go (market/bazaar). So I turn the CDs to be the lace/ribbon holder for a better display and organise :) You may also try it out at home with the below simple steps ^.^

Step 1: Prepare old CDs: you may cover up the CDs surface like I did with white sticker paper which you can easily get from book store. It is always easier to use circle cutter which you can get from stationary shop or Daiso.

Step 2: Use a thick card board or I prefer those cardboard from boxes as it allows me to roll easily. Make a cylinder shape and glue it on the center of the CDs. I prefer to leave the cylinder central empty so that I can also hang them on the rack.

Step 3: Glue the other CD on the other end of the cylinder tube and your lace/ribbon holder is now DONE!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Simple skirt + brooch + headband

A friend's daughter is turning 1 year old tomorrow. To celebrate this special moment, I decided to give her something from my handmade :) After a few skirt making experiences previously, I supposed this time will be better. But it still cost me alot of time. I really love knitted fabric as it can turn to be something that can wear daily. However, there will be alot try and errors. Practice make perfect :)

This time, I made a headband, decor a top and made a skirt.

Headband: Lycra fabric which gave me good stretch. 
I top with hand stitch flower and a fabric covered buttons. 

A little decor to the top to match back the skirt.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Old clothes refashion

My 2 sons are skinny type, so quite often those pants that for 1-2 years old, they can still wear but just short,  Instead of give away, i just refashion to become quarter pants :)



These are from our old t-shirts to rugged singlets




Daddy old t-shirts.....


The boy happily waiting...

dang dang!!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A full moon present

These are what I made for my niece's daughter full moon. Hope she likes it :)

AN elastic baby headband + 2 knitted fabric hats

The outdated handmade bedsheet

I bought this angry birds fabric while it was still a hot chocolate, but I only managed to finish the bed sheet while my sons already forgot what angry bird was.....Anyway, I did it!!!!

Single bed fitted sheet + pillow case + bolster case x 2 sets

Mama: Boys, see what I made for you?
Son: Oh, why angry bird? Why not Avenger....
Mama: ....#$^@....#$%$....#%*...(Someone tell me where to get avenger pls....)

the making.....


Friday, February 1, 2013

3 little skirts

It has been such a long time again.....Yes, I've been quiet for erm...about 1 year i think. Well actually more than that since my last update. 2012 is rather a busy year. I moved house, moved office......Alot of things happened but I actually did quite alot of handmade stuffs as well. Just that too fast to gift out before I have a chance to shoot photo. Haha... 

 CNY is coming, I've just tried to made 3 skirts (even though I don't have daughter :P ). There are little girls around me. So these are just good as CNY presents to them.

Over the year, I've been playing around with knitted fabrics. I just love them too much. I made some apparels to my sons, my hubby as well as myself. Will post up the photo once I got chance to shoot them.

Skirt 1 - Pastel series

2 layers ruffle end

Adjustable waist 

With a matching hair clip 

Skirt 2 - Rainbow theme

Normal fold-in end with curly stitch

Adjustable waist

Again with a matching bow hair clip

Skirt 3 - Navy series

Also adjustable waist.

This 1 no hair clip as I just finished off the fabric :D

Zig-zag fold-in stitch

The collection

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Handy pouch

The handy pouch for a bazaar in Dec 2012.
Each come with bronze ball chain with a cute charm.
Furnished with snap button to give a vintage charming taste.

The Collection

Interior Peep

Detail peep. There are 2 slots. One for tissue and another for maybe notes, phone, cards, etc....