Friday, February 1, 2013

3 little skirts

It has been such a long time again.....Yes, I've been quiet for erm...about 1 year i think. Well actually more than that since my last update. 2012 is rather a busy year. I moved house, moved office......Alot of things happened but I actually did quite alot of handmade stuffs as well. Just that too fast to gift out before I have a chance to shoot photo. Haha... 

 CNY is coming, I've just tried to made 3 skirts (even though I don't have daughter :P ). There are little girls around me. So these are just good as CNY presents to them.

Over the year, I've been playing around with knitted fabrics. I just love them too much. I made some apparels to my sons, my hubby as well as myself. Will post up the photo once I got chance to shoot them.

Skirt 1 - Pastel series

2 layers ruffle end

Adjustable waist 

With a matching hair clip 

Skirt 2 - Rainbow theme

Normal fold-in end with curly stitch

Adjustable waist

Again with a matching bow hair clip

Skirt 3 - Navy series

Also adjustable waist.

This 1 no hair clip as I just finished off the fabric :D

Zig-zag fold-in stitch

The collection

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