Monday, November 25, 2013

Recycle CDs to lace/ribbon holder

I do have many CDs and also various lace/ribbons. I always find it hard to organise and display the lace/ribbons especially while I'm on the go (market/bazaar). So I turn the CDs to be the lace/ribbon holder for a better display and organise :) You may also try it out at home with the below simple steps ^.^

Step 1: Prepare old CDs: you may cover up the CDs surface like I did with white sticker paper which you can easily get from book store. It is always easier to use circle cutter which you can get from stationary shop or Daiso.

Step 2: Use a thick card board or I prefer those cardboard from boxes as it allows me to roll easily. Make a cylinder shape and glue it on the center of the CDs. I prefer to leave the cylinder central empty so that I can also hang them on the rack.

Step 3: Glue the other CD on the other end of the cylinder tube and your lace/ribbon holder is now DONE!!!

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