Monday, February 21, 2011

Crafty art market 19th Feb 2011 @ Jaya One

Last week Crafty Art Market was just awesome. The weather was great and the crowd was great too....
It was a tired day but I'm so greatful to meet alot of my online friends. Also, I bump into my roomate which we have lost contact for more than 10 years. How sweet when you suddently meet your old friends... :)

I think this time I have to introduce my 2 lovely assistances which always help/support me during my fair. The elder one is my father. He plays a very important role as he is the one doing all the fabric/felt cutting and rolling, accessories/parts counting and packaging. So you will see most of my items nicely packed during to fair :P (Please forgive if some of the packaging or fabric cutting didn't turn out to be great. After all, my father is not young and again he is a guy, so may not be as detail as female. However, he loves to do that. Kinda keeping him busy so that he wont feel boring after retired.) Oh ya, I forgot to mention, I used to give a paper bag when people buy small items from me. You will see there are pictures on the paper bag. This is the art piece from my father.....Everyday, he will cut out the cute pictures from newspaper or magazine and paste on the blank brown paper bag. He said the paper bag need to have some touching...So friends, please keep the bag as a souvenir >.<

The other guy is my husband. A person that still trying hard to distinguish cotton and linen fabric (sometime I cant differentiate every piece too :P ). He is not an art person, he always cannot understand why people like us want to spend time to do all the handmade while we can just go out and buy. Well...well....I just lazy to explain nowadays. Just like what Chinese always says: playing piano infront of a cow. The cow can never appreciate. Anyway, I'm soooo  greatful that I have these 2 assistances that always supporting me. I feel so lovely...and I just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU AND THANK YOU .....


  1. hi.

    first time here and very impressed with your work. you handmade all the craft you sell there? i also love the fabric that you are selling. hope to meet you if there is another similar market setting in future in kl... if timing is right...

    oh, im from kl, occasionally will "balik kampung" to visit my family and makan, jalan and what not:).

    keep up the good work!

  2. Hi pc, seems like your message was efw months back. Sorry that I dont often check out the message here :P Great to know you and hope to meet you one day :)

  3. 上次,我在art for grab 买了铜色的magnet button.

    它是在RM10 for 3那个section 买的,请问在网上还能以这个价钱买吗?