Sunday, February 28, 2010

Little felt rose 123

I made some rose ear rings and hair clips last time,
surprisingly, many people are interested on it.
The following are the steps to make it:

1. cut out the flower shape, size is up to your preference. My size is as follow:
diameter: 3.5cm
Inner circle diameter: 2cm

2. Take out the inner circle, make a cut at the flower shape, roll it up slowly.

3. After rolled up the whole thing, pin up the flower and make a few stitches

4. Now its time to prepare some leaves. The leave shape is up to your preference.
Use the hot gun glue to stick the flower onto the leaves.

5. Finally, the little rose is borne.


  1. It seems so easy for you. Thanks for the tutorial! What type of cutter do you use?

  2. may i know what type of cutter u used? the cut looks so neat.. :-)

  3. haha...the picture u saw, i used paper cutter :)

  4. hi, may i know if this method can be used to make those big roses too? thanks.. :)

  5. Dear Anonymous, It should be fine to make bigger rose. You may need to make the petal size bigger.