Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby gifts to friends

My friend, Tammy, came backed from Australia during Chinese New Year.
She just gave birth to a baby boy last year.
I made & prepared the present to the baby boy - Edward, months ago.
The multipurpose baby pouch again!
This is a simple pouch but it can put all necessary stuff for a baby (as follow) for
outing so that things won't scattered all around in the bag.

This time, I also made a hair band to the sister.
Hopefully the sister's hair can grow faster so that she can use my hair clips as well :)

I had a friends gathering during CNY as another friend, Natalie, is going to Australia soon,
so we had a farewell with her. I made a hair band for her lovely daughter as well.
Wish her all the best and friendship forever!


  1. hii alicia..nice n kreatif la your craft..why u did not create the chat box? so everybody can coment on d spot... i dh add u at my blogg.

  2. Thanks for your suggestion, Wani, I've added a chat box lately. TQ for your visit too...

  3. Dear Aichiah, what a wonderful gifts!
    I love handcrafts, thankyou soooo much!
    My daughter loves the hairband...very much indeed :D
    The baby bag is very handy, best for keeping baby snacks and cutlery, my mum loves to bring it out!

  4. wow! I love the last picture of the hairband most! Can you share tutorial on how to make the flower, please?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Jessiza: sure..will shoot the DIY photo the next time I make again...

  7. hi Alicia,这花朵的形状是怎么折出来的呢?

  8. Hi Liz, 剪几个5瓣花型,每个对折2次, 粘起来就是咯!