Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome my little one

It has been quite sometime I didn't update my blog. Busy with my pregnancy, delivery, confinement and now with the breastfeeding and come to another milestone of my life...

This time I didn't opt for epidurial, thought of want to experience the pain, but it is realy... realy... really painful. I nearly gave up at the end but due to no aneasthetic available, I got no choice but to continue... Finally, its over... I still can fell the pain after few days....however, its a valuable life time experience as a mother. Mother is great, mom, i did it !!!!

The following are my 2 princes, they look a like, don't you think so? Hope that they will love and take care of each other ever after....

Jx @ 1st month (eldest)
Jy @ 1st day (youngest)


  1. 哇~他們真的非常像哦~

  2. 几时??女儿??哈哈

  3. 如果包生女儿就马上生。。。。